Reasons To Consider Rubber Grommets For Your Wiring Protection

Posted on: 20 June 2016

When you're looking for ways to protect your wires and cabling in high-heat and high-friction manufacturing environments, it's important that you insulate them as best as possible. For example, when you're running cable through spaces with moving parts and high temperatures, using rubber grommets can provide the barrier and protection that you need. Here's a look at some of the reasons to consider rubber grommets over things like bushings or other materials.

Easy To Install

With some types of protective covers and heat barriers, you have to screw them into place or seal them with other tools. When you use rubber grommets, the installation process is much easier than that. They are flexible enough that you can push them into an opening or space, and the ridges on the grommet will secure on either side to keep the grommet from moving. If you're looking to get the job done quickly and easily with minimal excess hardware, this is the way to go.

Covers Any Sharp Edges

When you cut holes in walls, floors or other surfaces to run cable, it can leave rough edges along the cut surface. You can also find rough edges like these in areas with a lot of machinery and additional moving components. These rough edges can cause abrasions and damage to your cables and wiring. Investing in rubber grommets may help you avoid such an issue. The rubber grommet can be placed in those holes and along the exposed sharp edges. The wires can then be put through the hole in the grommet, where they'll be padded and protected.

Smooth, Consistent Appearance

Rubber grommets are crafted with a smoother, more finished surface than things like bushings and o-rings. If you are looking for something for an area that's going to be visible, you should consider using grommets over bushings for the appearance. That smooth, consistent surface finish will help all of those visible areas look cohesive. They come in many sizes, so choosing them for your project means that you'll have a good chance of finding a size that fits each of the spaces that you're trying to cover. By stocking up on grommets of all sizes, you can cover most any hole with ease. Appearances are most often a concern if your manufacturing floor is part of your company tours or if you bring new clients and partners out to see the production line in action. You want your company to project a clear image of precision and cleanliness, and the consistency of these grommets can do that.

Reduces Vibration Transfer

Many of the rubber materials that grommets are made from absorb vibration. For example, you can find grommets made from butyl, nitrile and other rubber mixtures. The rubber is thick, which means that it can dampen most any vibrations easily. This will help keep the wires and cables running through the space from being affected by that movement. When you're dealing with cables like fiber optics or other delicate supplies, this is an important consideration. Cables that are that delicate can easily be damaged by the vibrations of manufacturing or industrial machines like those found in production facilities.

Resists Heat and Water

Heat is a serious concern in manufacturing and industrial environments, and that heat can pose a serious risk to the insulation of your cabling or wires. If you want to be sure that your wiring is protected from the heat of the environment, look for rubber grommets that resist heat transfer.

In addition, the rubber material used for grommets can resist damage from water, organic acid products and even many standard chemicals. If you're running wires or cables in an environment that is at risk of water exposure, you'll want to think about using rubber grommets or something similar to keep the moisture away from your cabling. These types of hazards can be serious concerns for manufacturing facilities, because you may be working with materials of all kinds to create the products and maintain the equipment.

No matter what kind of industrial environment you're working in, your cabling and wires should be insulated from damage. If you want the confidence of knowing that you don't have to worry about abrasions, vibration, water or chemical damage, rubber grommets may be the best investment that you can make. Before you start running cable through your equipment and manufacturing floor, you can invest in a variety of grommets. That way, you'll be sure to have something that works for each area that you're passing that cable through. Talk with a local hardware supplier to see what kinds of grommets you can get.


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