Reasons To Choose Steel Frames For Your New Construction Windows And Doors

Posted on: 28 November 2016

When you're designing your dream home before the start of construction, one of the things you should think about is the benefits of incorporating steel into the design, especially around your doors and windows. The structural stability of cold rolled steel makes it a great choice for the design, but many homeowners dismiss it because they don't understand its many benefits. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should consider cold rolled steel in your window and door frame design.

Minimal Visual Obstruction

When you opt for steel frames around your windows and doors, the smooth, fine lines created by these frames provide support with minimal obstruction. You'll get a streamlined, clean look without sacrificing the strength and lasting support of the steel. The appearance of steel frames around doors and windows is unique and a very distinctive final appearance.

In fact, steel frames are a popular choice for many modern buildings because of the fine lines and the smooth finish. You can have the steel painted if you want to create a cohesive finish that blends with your home and landscape.

Significant Strength

The strength of cold rolled steel is unlike many other construction materials. Unlike wood, aluminum and similar structures, cold rolled steel is impervious to many of the hazards that could otherwise cause damage. For example, it's not vulnerable to pest infestations like wood can be, nor is it susceptible to weather damage if it's finished properly. Paint, powdercoat, or another sealant will protect steel from the elements. The hardware that's used in the steel frames won't crack, break, or loosen because most structures rely on hardened bolts to keep them secure, so you'll have more confidence in the structure.

Easy Installation

If you have ever faced a construction delay on a project and found yourself stressed about meeting your deadlines, you understand how difficult those periods can be. It also means you'll appreciate the simplicity and ease of the hardened steel installation. Cold rolled steel windows and doors are shipped pre-measured, constructed and ready to install. This makes it easier to install them without any concerns about construction delays due to steel bending, improper measurements or other similar issues.

Optional Finishes

Even when you're working with steel frames, you have many options for finishes. In addition to the standard types of metal finishes, you can even create a custom look by having the steel finished with a wood grain pattern, brick or even stone finish. That lets you use steel frames even on country or classic style homes.

Fire Safety

One of the best things you can do for your home is to choose building materials that are fire resistant. If you want to protect your home against fire, investing in cold rolled steel window and door frames will help. In fact, the use of cold rolled steel may even allow you to get a discount on the homeowners insurance for your property just because you're using fire resistant materials like this.

Any time you're looking for new materials that will be as durable and strong as possible, you should consider the possibility of using cold rolled steel in your building plans. As you can see from the information here, steel is a great choice for your window and door frames. It's easy to refinish, it's resistant to pests, and it's even fire resistant as well. You can use steel in many other applications as well, so don't rule out using it in other areas of the house too. Talk with a local builder and steel fabricator today to see what your options are and to incorporate the steel structures that you want for your home's design.


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