Common Problems For Aviation Borescopes

Posted on: 22 March 2017

Having the ability to see within the complex structure of a plane's engine without disassembling the engine can be beneficial. In order to accomplish this task, airplane mechanics rely on specialized pieces of equipment known as borescopes. These borescopes are sensitive and can experience a host of problems when not maintained properly.

Here are three common problems to look for as you put your aviation borescope to use in the future.

1. A loss of articulation.

Aviation borescopes are unique because they offer multi-way articulation. This feature allows the scoped end of the borescope to pivot so that the mechanic using it can get an unobstructed view of a plane engine's interior.

Electrical malfunctions can cause a borescope to suddenly lose its ability to articulate properly. A simple repair of the electrical connections within the borescope will usually correct any articulation problems the unit is experiencing.

2. A reduction in the quality of the images produced.

Since a mechanic is relying on the information relayed by the aviation borescope to make important decisions regarding the condition of an aircraft's engine, it's critical that the borescope be able to produce clear and crisp images.

As the unit ages, the quality of the images it produces can begin to fade. If you notice that your borescope is producing images that are discolored or out of focus, it could be time to replace the camera lens within the scoped end of the borescope.

3. A sudden loss of power.

Aviation borescopes are typically powered by a battery. Relying on battery power makes the unit more portable, which increases the number of ways a mechanic can apply the unique benefits the borescope provides.

When a borescope begins to experience a sudden loss in power, swapping the battery out for a newer model could provide a simple solution. If a new battery doesn't correct the power-supply problem, then you may need to have a technician clean the battery chamber in order to restore proper connection in the future.

Having access to the right equipment makes it easier to keep expensive airplane engines in good working condition. Taking an engine apart can be a costly and labor-intensive process, so diagnosing problems with the help of an aviation borescope can be beneficial. Be sure to keep your aviation borescope in good condition by watching for a loss of articulation, a reduction in image quality, and sudden losses in power, then have these problems repaired quickly to allow the unit to run efficiently. Contact a company that specializes in aviation borescope repair to learn more.


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