3 Important Bearing Maintenance Tips Every Industrial Business Owner Must Know

Posted on: 9 May 2017

From the wheels on your pallet jacks to some of the equipment with moving parts in your facility, there is one primary component that can be found: bearings. Bearings help simplify moving processes so rotating parts can get more turns with little effort. therefore, regardless of the application, bearings help ensure everything is working as efficiently as possible. Because of this, bearings will always be an important topic where maintenance is concerned. As an industrial business owner, getting to know the maintenance requirements of bearings will be information you can use repeatedly. Take a look at these three important bearing maintenance tips you should know as an industrial business owner.  

1. Keep bearings clean

If there is one thing that you do for the bearings on different pieces of equipment in your facility, it is to keep them clean. Dirt, dust, and debris that ends up inside of the casing of a bearing will compromise its ability to rotate freely and even prevent lubrication from doing its job. It is a simple fact that bearings that are not cleaned regularly will have to be replaced more frequently. So make sure you are implementing maintenance changes to keep all bearings clean and free from debris that could compromise their lifespan. 

2. Lubricate bearings frequently

Bearings, no matter what application they are used in, will almost always require some form of lubrication. The lubricant required can vary from simple oil to thick heavy-duty grease depending on the size and type of the bearing. So make sure you consult manufacturer guidelines for the bearings you have in use and follow the instructions to the letter when it comes to type and frequency of bearing lubrication. Properly lubricated bearings will move freely and be less susceptible to damage with time. Additionally, it is important to make sure your bearings are clean before adding lubricant. 

3. Keep moisture away from bearings

Moisture and water could be considered a number one enemy of the common bearing because they can cause so many problems. Moisture will compromise whatever lubricant is in place and can even cause the inner components to corrode, which will prevent the bearing from moving freely. If you have a bearing that gets wet inadvertently, make sure you take the extra steps to remove the bearing, clean it off, and let the bearing dry before trying to use it again in your equipment. 

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