Two Issues To Remain Aware Of If You're A Heating Oil Customer

Posted on: 7 June 2017

If you're used to using electricity for your heating needs and have moved into a home that uses heating oil instead, you might think that things work generally the same without being really sure what you should be doing, if anything, to protect your family and the space from any problems. Here are a couple of things you may want to remain vigilant and attentive to when you use oil for the house.


When you get a delivery of heating fuel to your house, it is generally a good idea to speak with your delivery man about the smell of your fuel. While usually odorless, heating oil that is delivered to residences has additives in it that give it a distinct smell; this is done so that you can be alerted to leaks and other problems. If you are unfamiliar with the smell, accompanying your delivery man as he attaches the fuel nozzle to your tank should allow enough vapors to escape so you can get an idea of what the oil smells like. After the delivery is complete, if you still smell the oil, that is usually normal but the smell should dissipate after a day or so. If not, you may need to contact the heating oil company.

You might also start to smell the oil if your furnace needs some cleaning or the burner inside the appliance is faulty. This will also necessitate a call to your fuel provider.

One thing you should note is that absence of odor doesn't necessarily mean that everything is fine. A carbon monoxide detector is vital for avoiding high levels of that gas; if levels go too high, get out of your home and contact both the fuel delivery company and the local fire department.


Another concern could be a leak in your fuel tank; if oil gets into your water supply or soil, that can have negative consequences. Leaks can be seen or smelled sometimes but other signals could be odd-tasting water or rust on the exterior of your oil tank.You might find yourself needing more frequent fill-ups. You'll need to call a professional in if you have even the slightest suspicion that your tank is leaking.

Staying aware of these issues and actively monitoring tanks and carbon monoxide detectors will ensure your family is kept safe when using heating oil in your new place. Ask your heating oil company for additional pointers.


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