Misconceptions Concerning Pan Liners

Posted on: 13 September 2017

Improving the efficiency of your restaurant can be a never-ending task. However, restaurant managers will frequently overlook some basic guidelines for improving efficiency without compromising the quality of the food that is being prepared and served. In particular, reducing the amount of work needed to keep the kitchen running can be extremely beneficial, and pan liners can be particularly effective. This makes learning more about these pan liners a productive use of your time.

Myth: Pan Liners Will Interfere With The Cooking Process

A common misconception about pan liners is that they will have severe impacts on the cooking process. More precisely, there will be a fear that these liners will interfere with the heat transfer from the pan to the food. Yet, these pan liners are designed to allow this heat to easily and evenly pass through the liner. As a result, you will find that cooking with these liners will be almost indistinguishable from your normal cooking experience. Prior to using these liners, you should thoroughly rinse them to remove any dust or other potential contaminants that may have gotten on them.

Myth: Your Pans Will Be Permanently Changed By The Liners

Some kitchen managers may be intrigued by the prospect of using pan liners, but they may assume that these liners will always be permanent. While it is possible to opt for permanent pan liners, many restaurants will find that disposable liners may be a more effective option. These liners can easily be pulled off the pan at the end of the shift. Also, these liners will allow you to test out these liners before you commit to making a major investment in them.

Myth: All Pan Liners Are The Same

There is a common assumption by those that lac experience with thee liners that they will all essentially be the same. However, there can be major differences between these liners, and you will want to take great care in ensuring you choose liners that are suitable for your needs. For example, some of these liners will be designed to only be used in an oven while others will be suitable for use on a stovetop. Using the wrong liner for the wrong type of cooking can cause it to degrade, which could be difficult to clean and result in the food's taste being compromised. However, this will not be a concern as long as you choose a liner that is suitable for you cooking needs.


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