What To Do In A Boiler Emergency

Posted on: 5 October 2017

Your boiler is responsible for many things: heating, electricity and other industrial needs. You want to keep your boiler well-maintained so it can operate efficiently. Since this is a highly pressurized piece of equipment, it's also important to know signs of danger and how to respond in a boiler emergency. Following the right safety protocols can keep you and your crew safe.

If you smell gas or notice that your boiler is shaking, rumbling or otherwise in distress, you need to act quickly. Here are things you should do in a boiler emergency.

Turn off power sources

If power sources to your industrial boiler are located away from the unit, shut them down immediately. Gas lines in particular need to be shut off. It's important to turn off all power sources as even a small amount of heat or friction may cause gas to ignite, which can lead to a dangerous fire.


Evacuate all employees immediately working near the boiler, and have the rest of your staff follow suit. Do a head count to ensure all staff have made it out properly and to ensure that anyone is safe. If employees have been working in or near gas fumes, give them emergency first aid and provide fresh air.

Call for assistance

Call for emergency medical and fire control assistance even if you believe you have your boiler emergency under control. Fire personnel can inspect the area and help ensure all power has been turned off. Local city departments should also be called so they can continue to turn off gas and electrical lines to prevent further boiler damage to your property.

Call a boiler contractor

Once your industrial location has been considered safe, contact a boiler installation or repair expert to inspect your boiler and make repairs as needed. It's important to stall work for all staff who work within the building until the whole building has been safely inspected and deemed safe for working in by your boiler expert.

A boiler emergency is rare, but being prepared for problems just in case can help protect you, your employees, and your business. If you smell gas or notice any issues with your boiler, discontinue operation until you can get the unit inspected. This is the best way to keep everyone safe. Your boiler contractor can give you advice for keeping your boiler safe for future use so you can operate your business safely.


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