Are You Looking To Rent Contractor Equipment? Factors Aside From Price You Should Consider When Deciding Who To Rent From

Posted on: 23 November 2017

There are many different companies out there who rent out contractor equipment. If your construction company is looking to rent out equipment for an upcoming project, you may be calling various rental companies and obtaining a quote on the equipment you need. However, while price is an important factor to consider, it is not the only thing that you should base your decision on who to rent from. Here are a few of the other factors you should consider when deciding who to obtain contractor equipment rentals through. 

What Happens if the Equipment Breaks Down

When you rent contractor equipment, you are not anticipating it breaking down. But sometimes things happen and your equipment can suddenly stop operating as it should, leaving your construction project at a standstill. Before you even rent the equipment, you should know what will happen if the equipment breaks down. A great company will offer field service repairs. This means they come to you, rather than you hauling the broken equipment to them. Also, some rental companies offer 24 hour repair service, while others are only around during normal business hours. 

How the Equipment Ends Up At Your Job Site

Another important factor to consider before you rent contractor equipment is how the equipment you are renting ends up at your job site. Some companies will load the equipment up and transport it to your warehouse or construction site. Others require you to pick it up from their business and haul it yourself. If you don't have the trailers and equipment needed to haul heavy contractor equipment, you want to find a company who brings it to you. 

If They Supply the Safety Equipment as Well

The last factor to consider when you are determining which company to rent contractor equipment from is whether they supply the safety equipment for the operator with the rental. In some cases, the operator of the equipment needs to wear special protective eyeglasses, hard hats, ear plugs or other equipment. This equipment may be slightly different than your standard eye goggles or hard hats, based on OSHA safety requirements for contractor equipment operators. If you don't have the equipment on hand, you may have to buy it, which can be costly. Instead, try to look for a rental company that will include the equipment as part of the rental. 

When you are looking to rent contractor equipment, price may be a deciding factor in determining who you rent from. But it should not be the only factor you consider. Taking into account the other factors listed above will help you find the right rental company for your business. 


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