Should You Get An Automatic Girth Welder?

Posted on: 23 March 2018

As someone with a business that involves metal pieces and parts, many people on your staff are likely skilled with various manual welding machines. You may wonder if you can increase production with an automatic tank girth welding machine, which can often work faster than other welding machines. If this is something that you're seriously considering; however, it's important that you consider the cost, efficacy, and viability of this machine for your particular company. What ought to be considered?

1. You use large metal sheets and pieces.

If your business primarily includes parts for computer use or small appliances, this kind of welder may not be as helpful as if you're working on large appliances, cars, and industrial projects. Of course, if you're planning to branch out into such fields, a tank girth welder can be essential because speed is important and there is a lot of surface area to cover on larger metal pieces.

2.Your company does a lot of horizontal welds.

If you have sufficient work space and are able to lay metal down on the floor before welding, your existing methods could be fine. However, if you and workers often expend a great deal of energy and time doing horizontal welds on metal pieces that must be upright as you work, an automatic tank girth welder could be extremely helpful.

3. Training can be provided.

Whether you have workers who are already trained on tank girth welders or not, it's vital that on-site training is given to all who will be working with it. Proper use ensures that the welds are done properly, but more importantly, that the welding machine itself is handled well. Because it represents such an investment of your business funds, it must be operated properly and maintained daily. Of particular attention should be the welder's motor and placement of the mobile station where the welder is mounted. It is easy to assume that because the welder is automatic, it doesn't need much attention; however, care must be given to where the welder is placed and that the motor is not constantly running.

Time must be set aside for this training. Learning "on the fly" with this kind of machine can cause weak, sloppy welds and possible injuries. Your employees must understand what is expected of them with regard to this machine, so if you do decide to purchase one, ensure training will happen either from manufacturer representatives or other skilled personnel.

Once you've considered all these welding issues, you might begin investigating specific girth welders. Research and consult various tank girth welder manufacturers so you have a good model to work with.


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