3 Uses For Portable Air Compressors That You May Not Have Thought About

Posted on: 14 April 2018

Air compressors are extremely versatile devices that can be transformed into a variety of useful tools depending on what kind of attachment you are using. Here are three different things an air compressor can do for you at home or at work.

1. Blow Away Anything From Dust to Snow

While some people who work with their hands use air compressors as a portable nailgun or painting device, you'll also find that a portable compressor is great for cleaning things up after the work is complete. Do you have sawdust all over your work table or the shop floor? Put on a blower attachment, and you can quickly and easily move the dust into the designated area so you can sweep it all up quickly and get on with your life. You can use that same blower to remove a bit of snow from your outdoor steps at home without having to dig the shovel out of the garage.

2. Do-It-Yourself Auto Care

Portable air compressors can also work in a pinch if something is wrong with your personal car or company vehicle and you need a quick fix. An air compressor with the right attachment can help you inflate a tire that is low on air, or it could even help you quickly remove nuts and bolts if you have a more complicated job to tackle. Obviously, you'll want to research and train yourself on how to use the compressor for auto work properly, but the point is, you might soon find you can do many auto maintenance tasks yourself without needing to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

3. Wash It All

A portable air compressor can also be rigged into a do it yourself pressure washer if you find yourself in need of one. You'll be able to do everything from removing dirt and grime from the side of your house or office building to giving your driveway or car a much-needed bath. Just be sure not to point the pressure washer at another person, a pet or something with a material that can't stand up to the pressure. 

If your company or home does not yet have an air compressor in the building, it's time to reach out to a local company with portable air compressors for sale. Air compressors can transform into almost anything with the right attachment and can make washing and cleaning up your shop or property easier than ever before.

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