2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Factory's Water Pipe Fittings

Posted on: 20 September 2019

If you work in an older factory that depends on the delivery of water through a high-pressure piping system, you already know that it is crucial to keep an eye out for any damage to the pipes to keep them from leaking or bursting. Whenever you are inspecting the pipes, however, you should also keep a close eye on the condition of the fittings, as these will often wear out sooner. Look for the following signs that it's time to replace the fittings on your factory's water pipes.

1.  Rust or Scaling Has Formed Around the Fittings' Seams

While inspecting the pipe fittings throughout the water system, examine the metal surfaces for any signs of rust or water scaling. If you find any evidence of either, there is a good chance that there is already severe corrosion inside the seams or that a small leak is already present.

If you see that the metal has turned reddish brown, oxidation from water exposure has started to accumulate and is eating away at the metal. If corrosion has not occurred yet but a water seepage exists, you may find white, scaly patches. Either way, you should replace the fittings with a metal that is not susceptible to corrosion, such as galvanized steel.

2.  Cracks Are Present in the Metal

Even if you do not find any evidence of scaling or rust, take a closer look at the condition of each fitting's metal to see if you find the presence of cracks. Since the fittings are exposed to the high pressure of water running through them constantly, the force from the water may eventually break down the metal and cause it to crack.

If you cannot readily see any cracking, use a magnifying glass to examine the metal closer. If you do find any cracking in the metal, it will only get worse over time. Instead of waiting until they crack to the point that they leak, the fittings should be replaced at the first time of damage.

If the fittings are showing either of the above signs, they may not be able to withstand the high pressure caused by the water running inside of them, which could cause them to leak or even break. Contact an industrial supply company that offers pipe fittings for help with selecting the correct fittings for your particular water pipes as well as receive guidance on how to replace them.


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