Combustion Control Systems: An Intro With FAQ

Posted on: 10 December 2020

Within an industrial operation, a number of equipment pieces make everyday production and workflow possible. Perhaps one of the most widely recognized is the industrial boiler. With the impressive ability to deliver a combination of steam and high heat, industrial boilers do have a lot of functionality to offer. However, just like a lot of other equipment pieces, boilers can be outfitted with further implements to boost their purpose, function, or efficiency. Combustion control systems are perfect examples of this. Here is a look at some of what you may want to know about combustion control systems

What is the difference between a positioning and metering combustion control system?

Positioning combustion control systems actually position both air dampers and fuel valves for maximum efficiency. Many operation owners like the ease of installing the positioning systems. Metering control systems actually consist of two controllers; one for the air flow and one for the fuel flow. This two-part setup allows for adjustments to be made to fuel and air components independently of one another. While the metering combustion controller is more efficient, it can be costlier to install and more complex to get into action within the boiler system. 

How do combustion control systems reduce your operational costs?

Combustion control systems give you a more precise way to both monitor and adjust the fuel-to-air ratio of your boilers. By controlling air and fuel more precisely, you can control the rate of combustion. Therefore, you get more efficiency from whatever fuel it is you may be using. This alone can yield substantial savings over the long haul. 

Are combustion control systems automated or manual?

You can actually get both fully automated and fully manual combustion control systems, and most units have both automated and manual features to some extent or degree. Of course, automated control systems are preferred; they yield more efficient boiler operation with as little human input as possible. However, having a control system that does allow human input as needed without a lot of complication is good for backup reasons if something goes wrong with the automation. 

Talk to an Industrial Equipment Supplier About Combustion Control Systems for Boilers 

In the end, the systems for combustion control can be a valuable addition to your industrial boilers. If you believe these units would be a good investment for your operation, talk to an industrial equipment supplier in your area for more information. 


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