Expanding Your Facility? Three Ways Gravel Can Make Your Life Easier

Posted on: 19 March 2021

Among the issues that companies face when they remodel their facility and expand it are the removal of regular facilities and the addition of temporary replacements. The replacements have to be usable and convenient enough so that workers at the facility can still park, get to work, and move around the facility without much trouble. However, the replacements also have to be easy to remove so that the remodeling project can be finished. Gravel is one of the best materials you can use when you need to create these temporary spaces.

Paving the Temporary Parking Lot

If the parking lot is being redone or expanded, you may have to have your staff park elsewhere for a while, unless there's an open area that you can cover with gravel. The gravel will allow people to drive and park (carefully) nearby without worrying about muddy ground during days when it rains. When the new parking area is complete, people can move their cars over there, and your crews can remove the gravel lot. It can take a while for all the gravel to be removed, but the process itself is straightforward.

Facility Drainage

If the landscaping is also being redone, the grade of the bare land may send water running toward facility buildings if an unexpected storm hits. Land is supposed to be graded with a slight slope away from buildings, but over time, the grade can change subtly as foot traffic compacts the soil and kicks up loose dirt. As old landscaping is removed, have a couple of gravel channels added to direct runoff away from buildings while also letting much of that water soak into the ground on the way to the storm drain.

Protect Pre-landscaped Ground

Slightly larger gravel, and larger rocks like river rocks, are perfect for protecting bare ground that your company plans to have landscaped. Soil left uncovered with no plants can erode easily through wind and rain, plus it can make the rest of your new grounds look all dirty. The larger the area you want to cover, the larger the rocks you should use (very large areas benefit more from things like landscaping fabric). A small area can be covered by gravel or river rocks, for example.

The size of the gravel you use will depend on the purpose and the area covered. In general, however, this versatile material will help you reduce dust and mud as your facility and grounds undergo a huge change. Contact a stone gravel supplier to place an order.


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