Advice For Homeowners Looking For Electric Vehicle Chargers

Posted on: 20 December 2021

If you're planning to buy an electric vehicle, you'll need a charger to power it. Manufacturers offer plenty of at-home solutions that save you from having to venture out to charging stations. The following advice can help you end up with the right charger that will work out for the foreseeable future.

Look for the Residential Variety

There are residential and commercial charging solutions for electric vehicles today. Since you're a homeowner looking for one, you need to make sure your search focuses on the residential variety in particular. There are differences in terms of power and electrical support, so making this distinction early on can ensure you end up with a compatible charging solution.

Residential EV chargers will still be powerful and help you charge your electric vehicle in a convenient way, but they'll be better for your home's current electrical makeup and systems. That's going to help you have an easier, less expensive installation process.

Opt for Smart Features

Your electric vehicle probably comes with a lot of smart features. You might as well get them for the charging station as well because then the switch to electric is going to provide you and your family with more value over the years. There are a lot of smart options for EV chargers, too.

For instance, you can get a charging station that's completely wireless. You'll just position your vehicle over a charging grid and it will start charging immediately. They also make charging stations that are smart phone compatible, which will help you monitor important things like charging time left with a phone. 

Have Goals for Your EV Charger

In order to refine your EV charger selection and end up with a solution that you don't need to upgrade any time soon, it helps to have goals for the charging system. What matters most to you with an EV charger?

Maybe it's convenience, and in that case, wireless solutions may be best. Or maybe it's fast charging speed so you can quickly power your vehicle and go about your way. These goals will help you end up with a charger that works perfectly based on your needs.

If you're getting a charger for an electric vehicle, make sure you open yourself up to quality options that work for your needs. Only then will charging an electric vehicle be easy and safe over the years. Contact a company like Eaton Sales & Service to learn more.


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