The Use of a Jet Pump System and Cleaning Requirements

Posted on: 16 February 2022

A jet pump system can be used to distribute water from a well to residential or commercial plumbing. Unlike a submersible pump system, a jet pump system will need to be installed aboveground. Research pump models and applications, to determine which type of system will adequately work with the well that is on your property.

The Inconvenience Of A Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is one that is installed underground. This type of pump remains fully submerged in water. Although using this type of pump will effectively distribute water from a well to faucets, it can be inconvenient to retrieve a submersible pump that needs to be serviced.

A pump that is installed along interior well walls can be hard to access and may require the use of extension tools or a winch. A pump that remains underground is more susceptible to damage than one that is located aboveground and that can be visually inspected as needed.

The Use Of A Jet System

A jet system will contain flexible hoses or rigid plumbing pieces that will attach directly to an underground well. A jet pump will either be designed for use with a shallow well system or a shallow and/or deep well system. The depth level that a pump can access will be outlined through a manufacturer's listing.

The specifications concerning the flow rate of a system will also be furnished through a manufacturer's listing. An ejector, a pressure tank, and a control panel are accessories that will aid with water retrieval and assessment needs. These accessories may be built directly into the design of a pump.

The Cleaning Schedule

Dirt, hair, and other contaminants could enter a jet pump system, if a system remains uncovered or if the filter needs to be replaced. Flushing out a jet pump may require the use of a cleansing agent and freshwater. Some products that can be used to sanitize a pump include chlorine tablets. A jet pump should be anchored to a flat surface that is near the location of the underwater well.

If a jet pump system service technician will be hired to install the equipment, you can inquire about preventive care measures. An overhang or another structure that covers a pump will keep it protected from damage and debris. A technician may offer a maintenance service plan that will consist of inspecting the mechanical parts of a jet pump and flushing out the pump lines as needed.


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