What To Expect With Your First Scaffolding Rental

Posted on: 4 April 2022

As your construction company expands in both size and project list, you'll find you need more equipment. If you've concentrated on remodeling residential buildings of only one to two stories and are now expanding to include taller buildings and commercial storefronts, you'll need scaffolding. Because you might not need the scaffolding consistently, renting scaffolding is better than buying something that might be appropriate for some projects but not for others. Renting scaffolding is not like renting a lot of other equipment because scaffolding itself can be so highly variable in construction.

It's Not a One-and-Done Request

Unless you're absolutely sure of what you need, you'll discuss the scaffolding requirements with a rental company representative first. The scaffolding rental company wants you to get the right scaffolding, for both customer satisfaction and safety reasons. You'll discuss weight limit, height, what work the scaffolding will be related to, and if the scaffolding has to be able to move up and down or if you need fixed scaffolding. The representative will let you know what they have that fits your needs.

Look for Installation and Removal Services

Many scaffolding rental companies offer installation, building, and removal services. Sign up for these! Yes, you'll pay more, but you'll get scaffolding that is properly constructed. If you have the company remove the scaffolding, you'll also avoid the post-construction pain that comes from trying to return rented equipment. It is possible to learn how to install and build scaffolding yourself, of course. But for your first few rentals, at least, have the company do it. And, you may find that even after those first rentals, you prefer having the rental company handle this work as it frees up your workers to take care of other tasks.

You Actually Don't Have to Build It Yourself

You just learned that the rental company can install, build, and remove the scaffolding, so why is the building aspect being called out again? Because the scaffolding you get can be pre-built instead of constructed on-site. When you rent scaffolding, the rental company can do one of two things. One is to bring parts and construct the scaffolding then and there. The other is to bring scaffolding kits that are mostly built and just have to have a few parts connected. That makes installation even faster for you.

Call scaffolding rental companies and see what they offer. The more services they have, such as installation and removal, the easier your job will be.


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