Rebar Accessories That Will Increase Precision

Posted on: 27 May 2022

Rebar is used to reinforce concrete. Once the rebar has been added to a form, fresh concrete can be poured. Preparing rebar involves straightening pieces, spacing them out, and securing them together.

A Straightening Machine

When old concrete is going to be replaced with fresh concrete, a concrete contractor may decide to repurpose pieces of rebar that were originally installed in the old concrete feature. During the removal of rebar, some pieces may appear to be bent. Consistent pressure, temperature fluctuations, and the improper installation of rebar could result in rebar sections bending.

A straightening machine can be used to remove bends from rebar. Each piece of rebar that will be fed through a straightening machine should be clean and dry. Any surface rust that is on rebar pieces can be removed with a rust removing agent. Once the rebar has been straightened, it is ready to be installed in a concrete form. 

A Spacer Wheel

A spacer wheel is an accessory that will aid with keeping rebar pieces uniform. This type of tool contains a center hold that is designed to fit around a rebar section. Spacers can be used in sidewalks, columns, or any other concrete feature that will contain horizontally-laid or vertically-laid pieces of rebar.

A spacer wheel helps keep structures compliant. The use of spacer wheels may benefit a tradesman, a contractor, a project manager, or an engineer. Instead of taking the chance of an improper installation, a spacer wheel will ensure that the installation of rebar pieces will only need to be performed once.

A Tie Gun

Attaching rebar pieces is a critical step that ensures that rebar will not shift while concrete is being poured. Wire is often used to tie rebar pieces. Instead of using a manual application that could be time consuming, a tie gun can be used as an alternative. A tie gun allows a tradesman to quickly and efficiently attach rebar pieces.

Some gun models need to be plugged in and some are cordless. A cordless tie gun will contain a rechargeable battery. The use of this type of gun will provide the most precision. After a gun is fully charged, it can be brought to a worksite.

A single charge will allow an end-user to secure many pieces of rebar. A gun will permanently attach rebar pieces. Upon inspecting the pieces and determining that they have all been anchored properly, fresh concrete can be added to a concrete form. Talk to a supplier if you need rebar accessories


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