Why Standardized Parts Are So Important

Posted on: 19 December 2022

Much of the machinery you use likely follows a standard, such as that of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). When you have to get new machinery or new parts, such as pumps, you could go for the cheaper versions that aren't standardized. But the parts that are standardized are better to use, even if they're more expensive than other parts. Parts that are made to follow a standard are easier to use and easier to replace.

You Know What You're Getting

If you have to buy a part that follows a standard such as ANSI, you know exactly what you're getting. There's no guesswork regarding anything about the part that really matters to its operation. That's really the biggest benefit of using a standardized pump or another part; when the item is standardized, you know exactly what that part is supposed to do and where it will go.

The Parts Meet Specific Standards for Construction, Safety, and Operation

When a part is standardized, it conforms to standards that describe its construction, operation, and contribution to safety. If you know a part for a pump is standardized, you're not going to have any huge surprises when you try to install the part. You know that the specific part will work a certain way, and if you need to replace it, you just need to find something that meets the same standard. When you have non-standardized parts, the part you buy could fit OK, but not perfectly. Or it might not fit that well at all.

Brands May Be Interchangeable, Potentially Lowering Costs

One more benefit of standardizing parts is that identical parts from more than one manufacturer can be interchangeable. That increases the number of brands you can look at as you search for an affordable part for some equipment, and the competition can bring prices down. Standardization can be very specific; in other words, a standardized part may fit a particular brand and model of well pump, for example, but it does not have to fit other models from that same pump brand. So you do have to look carefully to ensure a part will fit the machinery you need it to, but you'll find a range of brands that all make that part. Some will cost less than others, which gives your budget a break.

Pumps that meet ANSI standards fulfill specific regulations regarding size, shape, and use. You're better off using these standardized pumps and parts than trying to find a cheaper pump that may not be standard. You'll have an easier time finding replacement parts, and you'll be able to use the machinery without surprises. 

For more info about ANSI pumps, contact a local company. 


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