The 3 P's Of Renting An Industrial Boiler

Posted on: 7 February 2023

Most industrial facilities in operation today rely on boilers to generate steam. This steam can be used for a wide range of purposes; from heating your industrial space to generating power for specialized pieces of equipment.

Without access to a reliable boiler, it can be impossible to keep your facility running efficiently. Fortunately, emergency boilers are available to step in when your primary boiler system fails.

Remember the three P's when renting an emergency boiler to help streamline the rental process.

1. Power Capabilities

The first thing you need to consider when renting an industrial boiler is the power capabilities of the unit. You want to ensure that your rented boiler is powerful enough to meet your needs.

Calculate the total demand that your facility will place on a boiler, then look for an emergency boiler whose specifications match these requirements.

If you are unable to source a single boiler that is powerful enough for your facility, try renting multiple boilers and creating a network of units that can collectively generate the steam your facility requires.

2. Plans for Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to the overall performance of any boiler. This includes the boilers that you will rent in an emergency situation.

You should always verify with the rental company that will be responsible for maintaining your rented boiler(s). It can be beneficial to select a boiler that comes with a service plan. These plans allow a technician from the rental company to visit your facility at regular intervals to inspect the rented boiler and perform routine maintenance.

Leaving this maintenance in the hands of the rental company prevents your facility from being liable for any boiler issues caused by neglect.

3. Proximity

The longer your facility goes without access to a boiler, the more money you stand to lose. It's vital that you identify rental companies capable of providing your facility with a boiler well in advance of any emergency.

Focus on companies that are located within close proximity to your facility. The closer the rental company is, the faster you can have a rental boiler delivered and installed.

You can significantly reduce the amount of downtime experienced during a boiler emergency when you choose to partner with a rental company that is nearby.

Don't get caught without a boiler. Work closely with a reputable rental company to identify an emergency boiler that you can rent to power your facility while your primary boiler undergoes repairs.

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